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Are you with First Super..?

Are you with First Super or thinking about setting up an account with them? THINK AGAIN!

We could not advise against this more if we tried! You might be able to transfer your super to them at the click of a button, but should you decide to withdraw it, the word NIGHTMARE certainly comes to mind.

Sadly, we have had nothing but dramas with this industry fund when it has come to rolling out. From telling us our forms were undelivered and need to be resent (which is incredibly suspicious considering our tracking has said differently and this happened on multiple occasions and miraculously our second form was received again, on both occasions) to information on what you need to provide to withdraw being changed with no notice and no assistance in making the process easier, it has just been chaos.

Their moto might be ‘run only to benefit you’ but if their sending you around in circles when you want to get your money out (that’s right, YOUR money, NOT theirs) it leaves you thinking otherwise.

If you’re with this fund, all we suggest is that you get out now before they make it IMPOSSIBLE! And make sure on your form you include information such as your first pets name, your favourite colour and what you had for breakfast, that might speed it up for them..