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96% of Clients Extremely Satisfied or Very Satisfied

Our team were quite overwhelmed with the results of our customer satisfaction survey.  Thank you to all those who provided their feedback. It was an anonymous survey so we expected the feedback to be quite honest, and yes there were a few suggestions which we will certainly take on board, however 96% of respondents said that overall they were either extremely satisfied (67%) or very satisfied (29%) with 3D Accounting. We had similar percentages for meeting your needs, professionalism, responsiveness and receiving value for fees.  Whilst proud of these results we will keep on the path of continuous improvement.

PS: The majority of clients did not want any change to our current method of billing (or didn’t care either way), however a small number of respondents said they would prefer monthly fixed fees on direct debit.  If this is you please feel free to ask us about this as we are happy to provide this method for those who want it.