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2013 / 2014 NSW Workers Comp Rates

workers%20comp1I often quote approx. Workers Comp Rates to clients and use approx. rates in my planning calculations and it got me thinking – what is the REAL rate? Is there somewhere I can find what the rate should be? … and is there somewhere where I might be able to see different rates applying to slightly different activities and perhaps I can “reclassify” myself and save some workers comp?

I didn’t know, perhaps you already do, but apparently WorkCover NSW issues an Insurance Premiums Order each year in respect of allowable premium charges for various industries.

The link for 2013/2014 premium rates for use after 30 June 2013 is here

If you are at the website link above, the 3rd PDF download Table A, is a good summary and also includes the small supplementary rates i.e. dust levy etc. The next download has a bit more detail about what types of business would come under that description / code.

As a snapshot for you, with all extra levies, at the very top end we have:

Concrete Construction Services                               13.50%

Cleaning Services (NSW Govt Schools)                  12.85%

Logging, Sawmill                                                         12.81%

Bricklaying                                                                   12.06%

In the middle:

Road Freight Long Dist.                                            7.62%

Vegetable Growing                                                     6.19%

House Construction                                                   5.41%

Non-Res Construction                                               4.10%

And towards the bottom:

Furniture Retail                                                         3.20%

Hairdressing                                                              1.51%

Bus Admin Services                                                  0.61%

And interestingly:

Driving schools                                                        1.24%

Tattoo services                                                         1.22%

Adult Personal Services                                         2.43%

… So they say a hairdresser is more likely to be injured at work than a tattoo artist? … or a bricklayer is 5 times more likely to be injured at work than someone working in the adult services industry?

Save the link above or a link to this blog as I’m sure it will come in handy at some point.